What would you do if you were told your teeth could possibly treat diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and MS? Regenerative medicine is not science fiction or decades away – it is happening today, and the most powerful stem cells are found in your teeth. This recent discovery has the potential to transform dentistry and the future of medical treatments. Hecht Oral & Maxillofcail Surgery, P.C. is partnering with StemSave™, Inc. the market leader in the field of stem cell recovery and cryopreservation, allowing patients to repossess and save stem cells found in teeth.

Stem cells are the only cells in our body that can regenerate. Certain types of stem cells can ‘differentiate.’ This allows stem cells to turn into a broad range of specialized tissue types, meaning stem cells can regenerate organs, tissues, bones and more.

The stem cells in your teeth are plastic – meaning they can differentiate into other types of tissues such as muscle, neurons, bone, and organs. There is virtually no chance of rejection, they are non-controversial, and it is easy and convenient. Stem cells age along with the individual, that is why baby teeth are such a great resource – they are strong and vital. StemSave™ works with you to recover the teeth at the time of an extraction to assure the highest probability of stem cell viability. Upon positive viability, your cells are cryopreserved and accessible for utilization in future personalized regenerative therapies. Dr. Hecht encourages interested patients and families to enroll online at and schedule an appointment to discuss further.